Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Little Black Dress

LBD: Sandro, Shoes: Loeffler Randall (old), Jewelry: Gilt (old)
I've never been one to sing the praises of the perfect LBD. Maybe it's that I never found one that is "universal" enough to be worn for every occasion, it just never struck me as something I actually needed in my wardrobe. However, back in March I was frantically looking for a new dress to wear to the countless weddings I had coming up. During my search I stumbled upon a seemingly simple, yet elegant number by one of my favorite French labels: Sandro. I quickly fell in love with the sleek cut, exposed zipper and lady like peplum and made that dress mine.

After my first wedding of the season I hung the little black dress back up in my closet to be preserved until the next wedding adventure -- little did I know I would reach for it so quickly. A few weeks later I needed a dress for a few meetings and out came the LBD paired with a few new accessories. Three weeks after that I needed a dress for date night and out came the dress, and even after that I was looking for a weekend frock with a bit more tailoring and out came the dress AGAIN! I couldn't believe how many times I had worn that same damn dress. I finally understood what all the hype was about, the opportunities were ENDLESS with this LBD. I have never owned a piece of clothing that I really felt was so perfect for every occasion and yet the LBD is just that. How do you feel about this timeless classic? Is it a "do" in your wardrobe?

Dress: Sandro, Jacket & Shoes: Topshop, Bag: Coach, Earrings: ASOS
Dress: Sandro, Jacket: Madewell, Snood: Topshop, Shoes: River Island, Watch: ASOS

*Special thanks to Leon, Marc's dad, who snapped these pics for me :)

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