Monday, July 16, 2012

Travel Bag Essentials

Every summer I make it a priority to get away, sometimes its just a quick flight to LA and other year's its an international adventure, but no matter what my travel essentials hardly change. 

This year, were off to London, Paris then Barcelona and with such a LONG flight ahead of me I like to make sure I can be as comfortable as possible on the plane. 

Here is what I bring to make me feel as if I am flying first class, even if I'm just in coach ;).

BIG TOTE: I always bring a large Longchamp as my carry on when I fly. Not only does it carry all my essentials, but it also folds down to be tiny. I even sometimes hide an extra one in my bag to bring back items I purchased while on vacation. 

Socks: On long flights I like to take off my shoes and since I'm always cold socks are a a necessity. I also refuse to walk through security barefoot - gross. 

Big Scarf: This acts like a blanket in-flight and then polishes off my outfit when I get off the plane so I don't look like I rolled out of bed.

iPad + headphones: This is my new savior on the plane, I'm not very good at sleeping while in flight and this gives me tons of options, I can read, watch movies and play games all without disturbing my seatmate.

Magazines: While I love the iPad I always bring a magazine or two to page through during takeoff and landing. 

Evian spray, chapstick: The air on planes is terrible for your skin and incredibly drying. I like to stay hydrated with a spritz of Evian and LOTS of chapstick. I also drink a ton of water on the plane to prevent my skin from looking ashy when I deboard. 

Kleenex, advil: These are my "just in case" necessities. No need to worry about having a headache or scratching your nose with TP from the restroom if you carry these bad boys with you.

Hair things: I always carry a few spare hair things traveling or not, as I regularly have out of control hair. Curly hair + planes usually = hot mess. I avoid this by keeping a spare hair tie around so I can quickly pull my hair to a side pony and control the beast it has become.

Deodorant, toothbrush, mascara, and face wipes: These are all for right before landing. I like to spruce up a bit before getting off the plane and these help me feel fresh, even if I have been flying for 10 hours. 

What are your go to travel essentials? 


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