Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Get Packing

Well the time has finally come and we are on our way to Italy! As anyone who has seen me in the past 3 months knows, all I have done is talk about my impending trip. For this trip, I was determined to be a good packer and while I did not make a list (which would have been a good idea), I did decide to organize all of my clothes in those little pouches from the Container Store. After rave reviews from family, friends and then the post on Mission Closet I decided I needed to get some packing supplies, boy did it make a difference. It saved me TONS of space and allowed me to keep all of my items super organized! I have a feeling that extra space will be filled up on my way home with new goodies. Oh well, so much for packing lite.



  1. i have to have puches like that! what a genius idea! welcome to Europe! have a fabulous time in italy!

  2. my friend just did an amazing post series where she went to florida with 7 items to mix and match in 7 days ( such an awesome idea. i need to get myself some of those pouches. i got a bunch for my bf from muji. have an amazing trip!


  3. I really don't think there is such a thing called "packing lite" - it's impossible! Have a great time in Italy and hope you will bring back some goodies! xo

  4. Aren't the bags amazing? So glad they helped you out. Hope you guys are having an amazing trip. Can't wait to see pics when you're back!