Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Travel Lite. Travel Right.

This summer is shaping up to be one of the busiest I have had in a long time. Whatever happened to the summers of our childhood where you had months of free time and your biggest obligation was going to camp? Alas, it looks like those carefree days are over, and mixed in with all of the fun that summer brings is a job, obligations, and lots of other stuff. Luckily for Marc and I all of our "to-do's" this summer are fun, but with our impending move, vacations, graduations and weddings I have a feeling I will be living out of my suitcase more often than not.

I have never been a very good packer. I once forgot to bring pants on a weekend trip to Los Angeles and ended up having to buy a new pair when we arrived. Marc thought this was an evil ploy of mine to get him to go shopping, it was actually just plain stupidity on my part. I normally just throw everything and anything into my suitcase, paying no attention to what type of outfits I may be creating and panicking at the last minute when  I realize I have forgotten an essential, say like pants. With all of our travel plans I have decided I MUST avoid this problem and reform.  Here are the new rules I am VOWING to live by when I travel this summer...

1. Make sure I have a light-weight carry-on suitcase
2. Plan out my outfits before I pack my bag
3. Bring travels size versions of my cosmetics
4. Bring accessories to mix things up
5. Pack items which can transition from day to night
6. Do not bring more than 5 pairs of shoes
7. DO NOT overpack, when I am done laying out all of my clothes remove 2 items for safe measure



  1. Excellent tips. I am the WORST over-packer...the things I decide to bring with me never ever make sense. I will try and follow your rules when travelling this summer. :)


  2. That necklace and that bracelet are really pretty.

  3. yeah i need these tips too. im a light packer bc im inpatient and procrastinate packing. so i get to my destination with two outfits i actually want to wear and a bunch of clothes that dont look good together. but at least my bags are light!

  4. You are hilarious :) Im a bad packer too. I procrastinate and then pack in a panic! LOL ps I LOVE LOVE LOVE that stella roller perfume, I keep one in my bag <3

  5. I could not agree more altho the shoe challenge is huge! Especially if you plan on walking a lot and don't want to pack the sneakers! I have it down to 3 pairs of shoes: flats, wedges and black walking shoes/boots with custom orthotics.