Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sweet Dreams

With our move around the corner, I have been obsessing over how we will decorate our new apartment. While Marc and I have generally different, taste I am hoping it will come together and be an amazing combination which is uniquely our own. The first room on my list is the bedroom. Having never lived with a boy, I am NOT used to having gender neutral color palettes or even patterns. I'm hoping we can meet somewhere in the middle... clean lines and patterns with bright accent colors. I have promised to stay away from the following: florals, paisley, more than 5 throw pillows and anything that looks like it could be called pink.

Photos via: Desire to Inspire, Living Etc., House Beautiful and Domino

As you can see I obviously have a mild obsession with Jonathan Adler style bedrooms. Let's hope Marc approves. 

If you could redo your room what would you do?



  1. when i moved in with my boyfriend years ago, i had to learn how to integrate my girly style. no more anthro/shabby chic. my taste has completely changed and i love more modern looks. i definitely look to jonathan adler- he has clean, modern lines but his use of color makes everyone smile.


  2. Sounds like you'd be perfect for that show "Secret from a Stylist" on HGTV! I would totally go for that headboard in the fourth picture! :)

  3. number 5 ;))) how amazing would it be to call this "my bedroom" -- ah, that's in my dream!!

  4. I would also add: pillows with words on them, padded headboards, and anything that looks pastel. <3