Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Indian Summer

Of course when I am dying to bust out my fall wardrobe, it is suddenly 80 degrees in San Francisco. All of my fall goodies must be tucked away until the cold weather strikes again. So, when this inevitable Indian summer decides to breeze in, I search the depths of my closet and pull out all my flirty summer duds which have been hidden all year.

This weekend was a lovely 79 degrees, with clear blue skies and a nice light breeze. We spent the weekend relaxing with friends and watching the Blue Angels in the park. After a late lunch, Marc and I took some pictures and played on the jungle gym. Five-year-olds beware, I am really good at the monkey bars. Hope your weekend was as relaxing as ours. 

In all this heat, I finally got to wear my favorite Topshop Romper. 
Romper & Shirt: Topshop, Shoes & Jacket (pictured below): H&M, Sunnies: Chloe, Bag: Balenciaga, Bracelets and Rings: David Yurman, Braided Bracelet: Presh

Time to go home..the perfect ending to a lovely weekend.



  1. wow, love those pictures - especially the first one where the sun shines so beautifully. your shoes are gorgeous! i'll get similar ones soon =) can't wait!


  2. beautiful!! love the pictures...looking chic as usual :)

  3. AMAZING outfit! I am so in love with that jacket. Did you get it recently? I need to go to H&M now!! Looks like a wonderful day :)

    xx Laura