Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hello Cupcake

Nothing is better than a good cupcake. There is something about the perfect balance between delicate moist cake and delicious frosting that makes my heart skip a beat. To the untrained indulger, all cupcakes are good cupcakes, come on, what could NOT be good about cute individual cakes?

Well let me tell you, A LOT, dry dense cake is usually high on the list of cupcake offenses. It is difficult to bake a cupcake and achieve the right texture and moistness. Then there is the frosting, some are WAY too sweet, and others seem as if someone forgot to mix any sugar into the so called "butter cream," and all I am eating is softened butter spread on top of my once delicious cake. Don't get me wrong I love butter -- I could do Paula Deen proud with the amount of butter I throw into some of my baked goods -- but not as frosting on my cupcake.

The best cupcakes I have come across in my travels are usually homemade, but if I must venture to purchase these delicious treats I go for Sprinkles every time. Seeing that I live in San Francisco, and the closest Sprinkles is in Palo Alto, I rarely get to enjoy these amazing treasures. Luckily for me, I fly to LA regularly and the cupcakes always seem better when I get them from their Beverly Hills home. There must be something special about these little cakes if I am willing to spend 30 minutes waiting in line to get my hands on a few.

Try giving yourself a real sugar rush by pairing these pretty little treats with some Belgium hot chocolate, I usually go for the overly-rich cup they serve a Le Pain Quotidien, right across the street from Sprinkles in B. Hills. Where do you get your favorite cupcakes?

Perfect for Halloween

In case you want to make these delicious cupcakes at home...

Thank you for your lovely latte art Omega, it made my hot chocolate WAY better



  1. Sprinkles are the best! I used to get only these when I was in LA :) Thanks for the comment on chictopia :)


  2. i prefer susie cakes in brentwood to sprinkles-- though sprinkles is a close second! some day you must try!!

  3. I am reliving my delicious eating experience from the weekend all over again! The pictures are making me hungry :)

  4. I love Joan's on Third by the bev center! I highly recommend Joan's favorite: chocolate cake with white/coconut icing!! YUMMM

  5. omg, i LOVE them - they are so yummy!! there is also one at the stanford shopping center. my favorite one is the red velvet.
    btw, i'm following you now on bloglovin' since last week =)

  6. While you always chat about how much you love these little delights...I'm still waiting for you to discover Cako. The best SF cupcake right in Union Square. While they may not look quite as delicate or quite as artistic, I promise you they pack a tasty punch....better than sprinkles, if you ask me.

    Lets make a date MSB.